EdSmart has created a digital kit of resources to help support your school at this time of significant upheaval, uncertainty and potential remote learning.

We’ve reached out to our EdSmart community – to our integration and professional partners – to supply you with information that stretches across all aspects of a school’s organisation.

The links below are your gateway to these various resources, and another way to assist your school leadership as you transition into a new era of education.

If you’re an EdSmart school with experiences communicating effectively with your school community about the coronavirus to help keep them safe and you’d like to share with others, please reach out –

What does the kit cover?


Certainty in this time of uncertainty

Using EdSmart for Coronavirus response

Your school's emergency action plan

Steps for implementation
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Control your school's narrative in the time of COVID-19

Understand the importance of your school's narrative

New Uses for EdSmart during COVID-19

Find out new ways our schools are using EdSmart during Coronavirus
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EdSmart Template Library

We've added a new 'COVID-19' category to the template library for new forms

From EdSmart partners

Everything from communication to remote learning

From the broader community

Online lessons, educational videos and more

From global bodies

Links to school-specific pages from expert bodies

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Certainty in times of uncertainty

At EdSmart, the one thing we can offer you and your community of students, staff and parents is certainty and familiarity. You have been using our platform for some time now, so we encourage you to continue to use it in a similar way.

We're here for schools and have put together some tips on how schools can leverage EdSmart to its maximum capabilities during this trying time.


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Your school's emergency action plan

The immediate, emotional effects of a school emergency exacerbate the challenge. And those effects are often driven by a lack of clear information and instruction.

At periods of unpredictability, communicating with parents is essential. If you do not contact them, they will contact you.



Control your school's narrative in the time of COVID-19

Life gets confusing for everybody when a crisis hits and now, much more than usual, schools are at an advantage if they can be in control of, and clear and direct with their messaging.



New uses for EdSmart during 

In these unprecedented times, schools are finding new uses for EdSmart. We outline a few that have caught our eye.


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Template Library: New COVID-19 Student Attendance Template

In order to better assist our schools, we've added a new 'COVID-19' category to the template library for new forms. 


From EdSmart partners

Everything from communication to online learning and the mental health of your students, our partners have put together resources and instructions on how to best utilise their platforms in this ever-changing situation. As the COVID-19 crisis worsens, schools are looking to their edtech providers now more than ever. 

Schoolbox is an all-in-one learning management system (LMS), community portal and engagement platform for K–12 schools. With leading schools all over the globe, including Australia and New Zealand, Schoolbox provides schools with confidence to initiate remote learning in these unprecedented challenging times.  

COVID-19 Resources for Schools from Schoolbox

The COVID-19 pandemic crisis has highlighted the need for K–12 school communities to be prepared to operate under challenging conditions and educational disruptions.

Schoolbox is supporting schools through this change and has created a kit of remote learning guides and tips.

Remote Learning Kit for Schools During the COVID-19 Crisis


CompliSpace is a leading provider of governance, risk, compliance and policy (GRC&P) programs and consulting services for Australian schools.

COVID-19 Resources for Schools from CompliSpace

CompliSpace has created numerous free resources to help schools navigate this unprecedented time – including a Working From Home policy, checklist and guide, COVID-19 professional learning (including training on Teaching Remotely from University of New England, a webinar addressing schools’ changing staff PD needs and a webinar on excursion risk management .

Simply choose which resources you would like to know more about by completing this 


Canvas is an EdSmart partner, with EdSmart integrated into Canvas as an LTI application, enabling parents and students to review past forms, and complete and create new forms. The Canvas Learning Management Platform allows schools to build the digital learning environment that meets the unique challenges faced by their institution. .

COVID-19 Resources for Schools from Canvas

Chief Customer Experience Officer of Canvas, Melissa Loble, has shared some updates and resources to help you continue teaching and learning with minimal interruptions. 

Canvas' Commitment To You During Coronavirus

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Digistorm logo

Digistorm is a leading developer of specialised communication software for schools, including mobile applications, client relationship management (CRM), online enrolment forms and school websites.

With a selection of highly customised software solutions and the capability to integrate with a range of K-12 school software systems, Digistorm pride themselves on their ability to create unique solutions based on every schools individual needs.

COVID-19 Resources for Schools from Digistorm

When an emergency happens at your school, your top priority (aside from keeping students safe) is to ensure that your community has clear and accurate information about what is going on. The team at Digistorm have put together a resource to ensure that your school has its bases covered when it comes to communicating during the COVID-19 outbreak, with examples from Digistorm schools around Australia.

A Guide to Postponing Your School's Upcoming Events

Communicating With Parents During a Crisis [GUIDE]

Creative Ways to Stay Connected

How Schools Can Communicate With Parents During a Crisis [VIDEO]

How to Manage Your School Admissions Process Remotely

How to take any school event online 

From the broader community


International School Leader Magazine

Information and updates on Coronavirus from the international school community:

ISL Magazine


ABC Education

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is broadcasting educational shows and mini lessons on one of its children's channels, with shows for primary students in the morning and high school content in the afternoon.

Read More



Mathematics teacher, author and communicator Eddie Woo has
uploaded videos of his classroom mathematics lessons online. His lessons are aligned to state and territory mathematics curricula.
Eddie's learning resources are used by students worldwide, with more than 36 million views of his lessons.

Visit WooTube


New York Times - Coronavirus Resources: Teaching, Learning and Thinking Critically

The Times will continue to update this page with ideas for working, at school or at home, with content from the newspaper and other reliable sources about this global pandemic.

Learn More

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Mathspace is offering free access for all schools with forced closures due to Coronavirus to ensure that teachers and students can continue to work through the curriculum from home.

Learn More

TALi Monster logo


TALi has compiled a kit chock-full of information, activities and advice for maintaining the good mental health of your children during the Coronavirus shutdown.

The Kit draws  from the skills of Team TALi, as well as other expert organisations in the field of children’s health and wellbeing, to ensure your family is provided with the opportunity to flourish during this trying time.

View Here


Australian Teachers of Media

Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) is pleased to launch a key educational resource for teachers, parents and students: the ATOM Study Guide Spreadsheet. Providing an overview of, and access to, a selection of ATOM Study Guides from the vast library on The Education Shop.

View Here

From global bodies 

Think global, act local...
Right across the worldwide education community, governments and professional associations are regularly updating resources specific to schools in their jurisdictions on the latest COVID-19 guidelines.
For community-specific information in relation to mandatory school closure advice, self-isolation or any guidelines for schools, refer to the website or COVID-19 portal of your local education authority or board.
Here are a few global sites that may also provide assistance. 


Emergency Management for Coronavirus

We held a webinar on 'Emergency Management for Coronavirus' where our CEO, Fiona Boyd, and Schools Advisor, Sam Sapuppo, took a look at emergency action plans and implementation for schools and school networks during the COVID-19 crisis. 

If you were unable to attend the webinar live or would like to view it again, click the link below.